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What is Sigimera

Sigimera, with the related company Sigimera Ltd, consists of two services. The first is the Crises Information Platform that combines information about natural disasters from official sources with information from the general public.
The second service is the Campaign Management with Bitcoins. It allows the planning and tracking of money acquistions, such as crowd-funding or donations, with the help of campaigns and bitcoins.

1. Campaign Managment with Bitcoins

Project Description

This ambitious project has the goal to bring easy money acquisition campaign management tools to small and medium enterprises, but also to individuals. It creates a new market that combines campaign management with money acquisition, such as donations or crowd-funding. Additional it uses the virtual currency Bitcoin. Bitcoin in combination with this Sigimera service allows the tracking of ingoing money after dissemination of bitcoin addresses via different channels. This granular tracking of money streams allows the development of sophisticating algorithm that support the decision making process, e.g. if no or less money is gathered via flyers the next time we don't print them.




2. Crises Information Platform

Project Description

Sigimera was founded to support on-site rescue teams with the help of Mikrokopter. For this purpose the Mikrokopter fly surveillance missions and send the received data, e.g. multimedia stream or sensor data, to a central mission control station. From there the rescuers are coordinated. Additional if no network connection is available they should build a peer to peer (p2p) wireless network and automatically coordinate their current locations.

After the lose of our hardware team it was decided to build, as first step, an online platform that should be free for all and that allows the participation of everybody. Since then the platform was extended with useful features, such as the integration of mobile devices with the help of push notifications or the active support of the open source community with an REST API and related client libraries.




Sigimera Releases

Component Version
Daemon v1.3.2
Admin Interface v3.2.1
Models v4.1.0
API v1.14.1
Website v3.3.2
Android App v1.1.1
Semantic Crawler v0.7.1



Founded in
November 2010
independent project since 18. July 2011
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