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What is MokSec?

MokSec is a shortcut for OpenMoko Security. The goal of this project was to improve the security for mobile devices that were running the OpenMoko platform.

Project Description

The first software that was developed in the scope of MokSec was a phone firewall. The purpose was the blocking of incoming and outgoing calls and short messages. For this purpose the phone firewall had used an internal stored white- and blacklist. The phone firewall was implemented, but never integrated into the OpenMoko platform.

The second software that was planned, but never implemented, was a GSM encryption stack. The idea behind it was to bring secure phone calls to the general public. This idea failed through different reasons.

After the failure of the encryption part our team had focused on the implementation of an anti-theft software. For this purpose a linux kernel module was developed that was able to hide the anti-theft daemon. This component had reached the proof-of-concept phase, but was stalled after the success of Android devices.

In parallel our team had cross-compile security relevant software for the ARM architecture and created OPKG packages.


The outcome of MokSec was no software, but the needed knowledge how to plan and implement a software project. This knowledge was used as basis for all further projects. Through the gained technical knowledge the bigger part of the MokSec team had received a job offer and as result of it a job.



Founded in
July 2008
Phone Firewall
GSM Encryption Stack
Anti-Theft Software
Porting of security software to OpenMoko