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IRC Bot - Master Yoda

From scratch written python bot, see sourcecode. This bot was meant to learn python and to exploit the beauty and simplicity of the IRC protocol.


  1. ~$ git clone
  2. ~$ cd ircbot
  3. Edit conf/ircbot.cfg to your needs (specially the [server] block)
  4. ~$ sh # Create the sqlite3 databases
  5. ~$ python

There are two possibilities to communicate with the IRC bot. One is in the channel and the other is in a private conversation (QUERY). A command to the bot begins always with an "!" and the answer is only visible for you (NOTICE).




Channel/Query Commands

  • !version
  • !uptime
  • !quote
  • !tweet username
  • !header url
  • !search searchterm
  • !msg user message
  • user ... The user which should receive the message.
    message ... The message you want send.
    The user receives the message when he/she joins the channel where the bot is. After the message is send the message will be deleted from the server.
  • !feed -- Show which feeds are available.
        -= Projects : sigimera
        -= Security : milw0rm, heisesec, sectube, debsec
        -= News     : ntv, n24, spiegel, cnn, bbc, prolinux, slashdot
        -= Science  : sciencedaily, theregister
        -= Torrent  : isohunt, torrent
    !feed name -- Prints the last entries of the feed (at most 10)
  • !feed name n -- Prints the nth article of the feed with the name name

CTCP Commands

  • /CTCP botname VERSION
  • /CTCP botname USERINFO
  • /CTCP botname TIME


  • Multilanguage - de_DE/en_EN
  • Database Backend (sqlite3)
  • Configuration File
  • UTF-8 encoding
  • CTCP support for the following commands: VERSION, USERINFO, TIME
  • Greeting (PRIVMSG) if new user joins channel. (DISABLED: distempering)
  • Last twitter post of an user (if not protected)
  • Quotes (Can be easily modified)
  • Logging.
  • Search on - search engine offline
  • Returns the header of a given website
  • Messaging system
  • Feed Reader