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Android Apps

This page lists android apps that are not related to a specific project. They are small apps that were written for a special purpose, but not developed further. They are also not in the Google Play store.

FOAF Viewer

This application shows your FOAF file and that of your friends a nice GUI on your android phone. Additional you are able to make calls, write e-mails, share your FOAF link, and much more directly from the profile.

Goal: The goal of this app is to be able to parse RDF files on the android platform and to bring a distributed social network, in the form of FOAF, to the enduser.

FOAF Generator: If you do not have a FOAF file you could use the following generator: FOAF-a-Matic

Current Release

v0.10 (sig)


Foafviewer_main Foafviewer_about Foafviewer_addcontact Foafviewer_share Foafviewer_update Foafviewer_interests

Older Releases


  • Abstract the communication model: Assign to each contact different communication models (SMS, E-Mail, Twitter, ...) and let the user choose how to communicate with the contacts. (Assign or Evalute from foreign FOAF file) [PARTIAL-DONE] E-Mail sending and make telephone calls triggering working.
  • FOAF Generator: For the people that have no FOAF file would be a FOAF generator nice. Facebook FOAF Generator was developed, but is currently offline, through Facebook API changes.
  • Adding as Contact: Adding a FOAF profile to the contact list. [PARTIAL-DONE] Implemented in GUI, but not all fields are added correctly.
  • [NOT-SURE] FOAF Engine: Write a extern FOAF engine that handles in the background the parsing and caching stuff. It's maybe useful to split the GUI part from the logical part, so other programs could easily access to the data without bothering about the lowlevel parts.


This app should help you to manage and visualize your dives with the help of the Scuba Dive Ontology. The current implementation allows only the visualization of dives. In order to be able to use it you have to create the RDF/XML files by yourself. Until this is fixed it is not suitable for the general public.

Divedroid_start Divedroid_divecollections Divedroid_dive Divedroid_diver Divedroid_divestat Divedroid_diveairtemperature Divedroid_diveprofile